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Kelsea Falls, LMT, CCA

Kelsea graduated from an 800-hour massage program at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland after obtaining her undergraduate degree from Pacific University in Exercise Science with an emphasis on Integrated Physiology. Kelsea uses a variety of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Tui na, Sports and Chair massage. She loves blending styles and using the tools she knows to best fit the needs of her patients. Her work focuses on pain relief and injury prevention. Massage has changed her life for the better in many ways and she hopes to help facilitate a positive change in others through the massages she gives.

LMT #21445

"I use a wide variety of techniques to facilitate an enjoyable therapeutic session for each patient I work on." -Kelsea

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Anna Leclerc, LMT, CCA

Anna Leclerc has been practicing massage therapy since 2002. She completed her Bachelors of Science in Pre-Therapy at Oregon State University (2000) and did her massage training East West College of the Healing Arts (2002). She learned the power of healing touch from an early age and after college knew this was her path in life. Anna is certified in Pre and Peri-natal Massage, Massage for People Living with Cancer, Reiki I, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, deep tissue, sports and medical massage and has extensive experience with the pregnant and parenting family. Respect, communication, and an effective massage are very important to her and she values each client that walks into the treatment room. In her free time you can find Anna hiking, gardening or otherwise enjoying nature with her family.

LMT # 10000.

"By using intuitive touch, active listening and applied skill, my goal is to leave every patient feeling respected, nurtured and rejuvenated." -Anna

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Sonya King, LMT, CCA

Sonya King became licensed in Oregon as a massage therapist in 2003. Before moving to Oregon, she studied Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, and medical massage at the Baltimore School of Massage in Maryland. She is also a Certified Compassionate Touch provider (2010) and has studied prenatal massage (2005). Sonya joined CCPR in the spring of 2012. She is passionate about breaking the cycle of pain and muscle tension: pain can cause muscles to tense up and tight muscles can cause more pain.

LMT #10561

"I am enthusiastic to work with the great team of health care professionals at CCPR to help you feel better." -Sonya


Lisa Mertz, LMT, CCA

Lisa was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she earned her massage degree at The Atlanta School of Massage. Her philosophy on massage is a "partnership in wellness" that relies on respect for the body's limits in treatment and therapeutic communication. Her clinical approach to wellness incorporates techniques that address pain, support rehabilitation, and promote self awareness while including a deep foundation for relaxation and stress reduction. Lisa uses myofacsal release, deep tissue, energy work, and CranioSacral Therapy to provide a balanced therapeutic experience. With over 15 years as a body worker, she has learned a variety of healing modalities to address discomfort in the body and the mind. As Lisa continues to grow, she looks forward to including pediatric treatment to help our littlest loves.


"I look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals." -Lisa


Tiffany Milbourn, LMT, CCA

Tiffany received her first massage at age 16 in Greece and felt absolutely euphoric for days afterwards. It was not until years later that her interest was sparked in becoming a LMT after getting treated for an injury with therapeutic massage. Tiffany sees the benefits in both relaxing, stress reducing massage and deep tissue, therapeutic work and incorporates both into her practice. Tiffany graduated from a 735 hour massage therapy program in 2003. Since then she has studied Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Advanced approaches and Spa Therapies. She is always looking to add new modalities to her repertoire.

LMT #18609

"I find it really rewarding to be part of a profession that facilitates healing and promotes overall well being." -Tiffany


William Neighbors, LMT, CCA

William Neighbors has been practicing massage full time since 1995. He started working Portland's Center for Chiropractic in 2009. William is a graduate of Oregon School of Massage and practices Integrative Massage. Integrative massage incorporates Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage techniques which are effective in helping patients who are recovering from injuries, in providing stress relief and with aiding in the recovery from the aches and pains of daily life.

LMT #5281

"I utilize a wide variety of proven massage techniques learned over my 20+ years of experience." -William

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Bryn Stanbury, LMT, CCA

Bryn has been Licensed since 1998 and graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts here in Portland. His approach to massage is therapeutic as well as relaxation using a mix of modalities appropriate to the patients needs. Bryn gives support to Chiropractic care after of before treatment to assist in the body's natural healing process by integrating deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point and various other mixed modalities for the reduction pain, muscle spasms and inflammation.


"Whether it's massage for relaxation or coordinating Chiropractic with massage I provide quality care for a quicker recovery with lasting results." -Bryn

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Sarah Tokstad, LMT, CCA

Sarah Tokstad has been working as Dr. Megan Ziskovsky's Certified Chiropractic Assistant (CCA) since 2008. Sarah enjoys working with patients at the clinic and does a fantastic job of helping Dr. Megan provide quality care for her patients. Sarah performs therapeutic soft tissue work on patients, reviews prescribed exercises and recommended stretches with patients and helps Dr. Megan with intake and treatment notes. Sarah is an expert in coordinating patient care and answering any questions patients or prospective patients may have. Sarah has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon since January of 2000. Her expertise is in therapeutic deep tissue and prenatal massage. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family.

LMT 7754

"I enjoy coordinating patient care and am happy to keep your little ones entertained while you get treatment." -Sarah

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Sydney Bricker, LMT, CCA

Sydney Bricker was raised in Moraga, California where she grew up playing sports; soccer and track were her favorites. She took Sports Medicine in high school, which ultimately lead to her decision to attend California State University, San Marcos, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Sydney has coached soccer and has been a personal trainer on and off for the past five years.

Sydney moved to Oregon in 2014 and decided to expand her career as a personal trainer to include body work for her clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. She attended East West College and has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. Sydney uses techniques such as deep tissue, swedish, and structural integration in order to decrease pain and increase mobility. Having had personal experience with injuries and the limitations it causes, Sydney uses her diverse knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to promote a more functional lifestyle.

LMT #22541

“I want to help my patients get better and return to the activities they enjoy doing!” -Sydney


Judy Treehouse, LMT, CCA

Judy Treehouse graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in Dec 1999 and has been licensed since May of 2000. She uses Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reiki energy healing techniques. Her deep tissue technique is slow and intuitive and she listens carefully to apply the desired pressure for her clients. She can vary her massage from very light to very deep (using forearm and elbow). She is fully present with her patients and her work has been described as "sublime listening". She approaches each patient with an open curiosity and compassion. Judy honors the wisdom of the body and firmly believes in the magic of massage.

Judy has a lot of experience working with people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and has taught a class titled "Massage for People with TBI", for her fellow massage practitioners. She works with patients with special needs including the elderly, children, pregnant women, people with Parkinson's, PTSD, and more. Judy is knowledgeable about diet and nutrition and is working on becoming a nutritionist. In her spare time, Judy teaches meditation.

LMT #7212

"I am excited and honored to work with the gifted and skilled care givers here at CCPR! Everyone is so generous of spirit; I feel blessed and grateful to be part of the team!" -Judy